The Gift of Community

It was around 1993 when my then husband Andrew, who loved computers, introduced us to the emerging Internet. I remember it was slow and tedious and amazingly fascinating. We had so little idea of how it would change our world.
After he died, in 1995, the community I found online became an unexpected and helpful source of comfort. Those were the days of chat rooms and it became a safe place for me to express my grief and anguish, in a “room” of other widows and widowers.
I became so close to these friends that I met some of them in person. I remain friends with some of them to this day.
In days of pandemic where there is much isolation, I have been very grateful for online connections. We could only imagine back in the 90’s that we would be able to see each other face to face, but it has become our reality. Just yesterday I had two very meaningful conversations from the comfort of my living room, yet face to face.
While the Internet can have an evil side, and community isn’t always positive, we can choose how we participate.
A particular joy for me has been to find a community of writers and artists online, whom inspire me, challenge me, and create space for learning and growth.
Tomorrow I will write an additional blog, as part of a book fair I’m participating in, an opportunity to have a wider audience for my writing and to join with other writers. I’d be grateful if you take time to read it.
Whatever your passion or interest, there are opportunities for connections. I have much enjoyed listening to virtual choirs joining their voices on line. I have participated in exercise classes. I have connected with my grandchildren, my most precious community.
We are all connected, we the human race. In this time of polarized opinion and divides, my prayer is that we will find what binds us. May you be held in love today, and thank you for being part of my online community.
Connected though Apart

Connected though Apart
art by Grace Wulff

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