Pursuing a Gold Star

Stickers have become more fancy these days. I have a variety of them for when the grandkids come on their school days, it is great motivation.

I realize I like stickers too; there are lovely stickers for adults and i like using them in my journals.  I remember my own school work as a little girl being rewarded with a gold star.

This isn’t a Christmas post, by the way, pursuing the star as those wise magi did so many years ago, will have to wait for the advent season, coming soon!

The stars I look for these days are in my weekly Fitbit report which measures my walking and exercise achievements. I have been known to march around the house if I’m short of my goal, getting my steps in to get that gold star before I retire for the day.

My hubby calls it my guilt gadget.  In some ways he is right.  There are days where I have been productive and busy yet not achieved my steps.  There are other days where rest has been a larger need.

This time of year where our days are darker and colder, and walks can be icier, walking becomes more challenging.  The pandemic limits our activities with others.

Now if I liked winter more, I might take up skiing, but being very pigeon-toed, that has never been a good option.  Quite frankly, I’m happiest in my cozy chair, reading a book or creating art.

Exercise in these days takes more planning, more determination and more creativity.  I know it is essential to my health.

I had a lovely walk yesterday, wearing warm boots and enjoying the company of my daughter.  Chatting away, the time passed quickly.  We enjoyed the lovely views of the lake.

So yes, I’ll continue to pursue gathering my gold stars.  And choose to be kind to myself on days where it doesn’t work out.  I’d be curious how others stay motivated to exercise in these times.

Have a great week!

Relaxing by the beach

Relaxing by the beach


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