This is an advent like no other in my memory.

All over the globe, we are finding creative ways to live, in the midst of holidays and celebrations, birthdays and anniversaries, significant events that bring meaning to our lives.

Advent has a special place in my heart, a preparation that I have entered into with my children and now my grandchildren.  I’ve enjoyed creating art and resources to help us to be mindful and intentional as we prepare for Christmas and think about the true meaning.

I’ve been painting my way through November, learning and practicing simple watercolour techniques.  The gift of art has been a blessing in these days, offering distraction and beauty in a fractured world.

When I was pondering the first word on the Advent calendar, I was drawn to the hope of Mary.  She carried the hope of the world, even in the mystery of what was happening to her.  She was expectant in hope.

Wait with hope

Wait with hope

In these days, we hang on to hope.  Although we don’t know what tomorrow brings, we hope for many things.  Protection from the virus, waiting to be reunited with family, the freedom to do the things we cherish and enjoy. We look forward to hugging again, and gathering with friends and loved ones.

We hope for a day where there will be more unity, and peace.  We pray and hope for those who are suffering, for this who are lonely, for those who have experienced injustice.

As an expectant mother waits, there can be uncertainty, in the midst of anticipation.  The body stretches and strains, and longs for the promise of the coming child.

And so we wait, in this advent season.  Perhaps like never before.  What does God have for us?  What will it look like?  What does the new year hold?

Here is an Advent Prayer.  A prayer of hope.  Pray with me, as we enter this first Sunday and week of Advent.

Advent Prayer

In times of waiting,

We look to You.

In times of unknowing

We trust in You.

In times of calamity and unease.

We ask for mercy.

In times of anticipation

We are thankful for the gift of Hope.

if you are interested in my Advent Resource, “Making Room for Jesus”, I am able to send it by PDF.  

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