Have you ever experienced an epiphany?
It is that moment where we are enlightened, perhaps a new realization or understanding.  The light goes on!

Today is celebrated by many as the feast of Epiphany, a remembrance of those wisemen or kings who followed the Star in search of a child whom they were told would be a future king.  The star often placed on our Christmas trees signifies that, in this season of lights in the midst of our winter.

While for many, we have put away our decorations and turned the pages of the calendar to the New Year, others are celebrating Christmas today, and this feast of epiphany is significant.

What has become most meaningful is creating a new tradition, for me anyway, to use the symbols of stars and light and epiphany to look forward to the coming year.  I look for wisdom to walk into this coming year, and choosing a word to focus on has been a meaningful practice.

Last year I was able to find some small wooden craft stars which we wrote words on, words that might be suitable to inspire for the coming year.  We had them available at the beginning of 2020, and quite a few folks picked a word.

My word for 2020 was Peace, and how precious that has become, as I focused on peace in troubled times.

While I don’t have physical stars this year, I can hand out words.  I found about 100 words and placed them in a bowl.  Upon your request, I can pick a word for you randomly and send it via email.  Or perhaps a word will find you, as you are impressed to choose one. This happened to me and I’ll blog about it next week.

Epiphany sky and stars

Epiphany sky and stars

There is no magic to this, even as we remember the Magi today!  A word is simply a tool that can encourage us, give us focus, and a learning tool.  Last year I found myself looking for quotes and verses on Peace which I put in my journal.  I had fun creating art with some of those.  It is a personal thing, but a lovely way to begin a new year.

So feel free to email me at grace@gracewulff.com if you would like a word.  You could choose a word from the art graphic.  If you have chosen a word, I’d love to hear about it, and what it means to you.  Some of you have already shared that with me!

And as we observe Ephipany, may we also know the Light, light to show us the way, to guide us in the days ahead.




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