This week has been challenging in my world, and I heard somewhere that this time of year, post-Christmas, is a time when many are feeling blue.  Add to that the growing pandemic, weariness of restrictions, shortages of vaccine, and lack of social connections, it is no wonder that mental health challenges are on the rise.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve been sensing an invitation.  When I look around, when I listen to the news or become absorbed in social media, my heart grows sad.  I need to find balance, and peace.  The question, often, is how?

“Go deeply” has been the invitation, to find peace within.  This poem is born out of that longing:

Live Deeply

Go gently
into the recesses of your heart
to learn.
To listen.
To rest.

Go deeply
beneath the churning waves
of life’s storms;
sinking into the quiet dark
letting the stillness still
the restless mind.

Find Love there.
Befriending the shadows,
being kind
to myself.

Go deeply
into the rooted depths
where seeds sprout life
out of dormancy.

Let the dark be a womb   
A place of growth.

Go deeply
into the recesses of your heart.

Be still.
Receive Love.
Let your soul find rest.

January 21 2021 Grace Wulff


Deep within

Deep within

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