I woke up Monday morning, weary.

You know, those days where sleep has not been great, and my chronic pain had flared.  There was much on my mind; those we love who were suffering, I was to present a talk via video, and I felt the weight of not being enough.

Do you ever have days like that?  Where you wonder how you will get through the day, starting off weary?  My hair wasn’t cooperating, I struggled with what to wear.  Silly, I know, but in these days of communication by video, you want to look your best.  To not be a distraction.

My heart was with those who were suffering, such a longing to encourage them.  And I came to that knowing, as I do over and over again, that it is not up to me.  At all.  I am wired to be a helper, and encourager, but sometimes it is I that need the help.

Help bookmark

HELP bookmark

So I prayed the prayer I often pray when words are lacking.

I had an amazing morning.  I experienced God’s care in beautiful ways.  One staff member said to me in the hallway that they were encouraged by my smile underneath the mask.  How sweet.

Another stranger told me she admired the outfit I was wearing.  Such a confidence booster!  She had no idea what a gift that was to me.

One of the most amazing reminders of Gods presence was an encounter I had that was unexpected.  I found myself on a ward I rarely go to, seeking out a patient who had asked for spiritual care.  It wasn’t a good time, I discovered, as I chatted with the staff at the nursing station.  Then one of them asked me, “Are you Grace?”

It turns out she was a person, a very busy person, who I had been trying to reach to get help for someone.  We had never met before.  And here we were, able to have a beneficial conversation about someone who needed care.

I often think about that.  We can trust God to direct our paths, and I truly believe and have experienced this amazing Presence of God putting me at the right place, at the right time.

I realized, as I thought about it, and gave thanks, that my cry for help had been answered.  In practical and compassionate ways.

These beautiful answers gave me courage and peace.  I hope you will be encouraged today.  For we can always pray the simplest of prayers, knowing we have a compassionate God who sees us, and cares.


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