A Sacred Pause

I’m writing this on the eve of the eve of Good Friday.

Have you ever pondered why this particular Friday is called good?  Dr Google explained it this way: it comes from the obsolete sense “pious or holy” of the word “good”.  For example, we call the bible the “good” book, referring to the holy bible.

However you interpret this, it is a most sacred day of the Christian faith, a day we stop to remember the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

Perhaps the good is the holiness of this gift, God becoming one with humanity, One who knew suffering and pain, Who came with love and humility.

I wear the cross regularly and when you think about it, why would we wear a symbol of suffering, torture and execution?

Because of the act of love.

Eye of Compassion

Eye of compassion

I’ve been drawing crosses for a number of years.  This one is a celtic cross, and it reminds me of how we are bound together, loved by the Creator.

Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

This cross depicts a prayer I often pray, called the Jesus Prayer.  I believe God is a merciful God and we can call on Jesus, anytime, anywhere.

Jesus Prayer in a Cross

Jesus Prayer in a Cross

I truly believe that Jesus came to love, to redeem, to restore, to forgive, to make whole.

That is faith, even when I don’t understand it all.

I’ve known Gods presence in abundant ways, and recalling these moments gives me strength when times are hard.  That is also faith.

So I will take a sacred pause this weekend. I will ponder the holiness and goodness of Friday, before I move to the joy of resurrection.

May your Easter be good, a sacred pause, a time of renewal in troubled times.

Sacred Pause for the Heart

Sacred Pause

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