We took a walk yesterday, one we take every day at this time of year, to walk under the blossoms on a street near us.  The beauty is fleeting and we love to capture the moments.



This street brings some tender memories for my mom loved these blossoms too.  In the spring of 2013, she spent three months in hospice, on this very street.  Dad would bring her for a walk in the wheelchair and she delighted in the pink canopy.

That same year, I wrote a little poem, inspired by these ladies of pink.  I thought I’d share it here, it is part of a small collection of poems I wrote, called, Poetry for the Heart, Inspired by Nature and the Seasons.

Blossoms of Pink

They line the street

like bridesmaids,

decked in the most delicate pink.

Lacy, soft

whispering promises of warm days to come.
They are fleeting;

they turned their brown winter garments

to pink overnight,

almost like a butterfly burst
from it’s cocoon.

Ready to fly away,
blossoms in the wind

will soon become
memories of the mind.

until spring comes
once again.

– April 2013

In these days of restrictions I’m so grateful for spring, for hope bursting like blossoms, for longer days, and the joy of being outside.

Today I thought I would have fun and try to paint a loose watercolour of those blossoms.  I did follow a tutorial and I’ll post it below in case you would like to try it out.

Watercolour blossoms

Watercolour blossoms

I’m inspired to bloom where I’m planted, to blossom in this season of challenges.  Thankful for blossoms!

Painting tutorial: https://youtu.be/ObG7e9LF5z0



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