I wrote the following blog in June of 2019, and it is still true!  I’ve taken a few days away and spent a lot of my time in drawing and painting, therapy for me in so many ways.  I’ll attach some of my pieces from this week at the end of this blog.  I hope you will be inspired to create as well!

June 2019: Hi there, it’s Tuesday, time to tap my computer keys and create a blog.

I’ve been thankful for this weekly rhythm, and often reflect that this journalling and writing on-line is good discipline for me.  And if it touches someone’s heart, or makes someone think or offers some encouragement, all the better!  Thank you for your comments and feedback whenever you are able – it is so very helpful!

Today’s blog is about creativity and intentionality.

I never considered myself much of an artist, but I knew I loved to create.  There were periods in my life where life was so full and intense that writing or creating was a pure luxury.
But those times also felt barren; it wasn’t until I found myself in a creative space that some inner need was met.  There are a lot of ways to create!  I do love a blank sheet of paper and some wonderful pens;  wondering what will emerge.
I felt that way when I dabbled with pottery, there was something powerful about a lump of clay being shaped and formed into something beautiful, and often into something useful as well.  I thought about that last night as I served crackers on the leaf-shaped pottery dish I had made some years ago; what fun I had making plates imprinted with leaves!
It is worth saying again, if we are made in the image of God, the Creator, we all have the tools to create!  Some do it with incredible gardening, or creating beauty in their homes, or even in the food they prepare.  Everything around us has been formed and created, I look around and see my wonderful collection of books, containers for holding things, pictures that adorn my walls, greeting cards that sit on my shelf… hey, even someone created the desk I’m sitting at, and the very comfy chair and the stylish lamp that lights this space.
Sometimes creativity is less tangible, like creating space with a smile, or helping someone to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Parents of little ones… grandparents too, can be very creative as they offer a safe and often fun environment for the children we love.  How I’ve enjoyed just colouring with our grandchildren, or exploring our world and observing Creation from their perspective.
Even for the very elderly or infirm, I’ve watched art, or simple colouring transform a person’s world as they enter into a world of creativity.  Picasso said it so well: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.  He also said: “Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Perhaps that is where the intentionality comes in!  For me, part of self-care is taking time to write, to create, to enjoy our beautiful world and be inspired by it.
Here’s to a creative week – however that looks for you!
Here  is some art from this week, May 2021:
Watercolour of the view from Fairhaven.

View from Fairhaven, watercolour impressions

A Celtic prayer

A Celtic prayer

What grows in me, abstract watercolour

What grows in me, Abstract Watercolour

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