I’ve been inspired recently by a couple of older friends who regularly post and share pictures of their beautiful walks and hikes.  One lady hikes mostly by herself, and I’m absolutely amazed at the walks she tackles on her own.  She shares all kinds of information on the flowers in our area, identifying plants and pointing out interesting walks in our area.  It is very educational!

Another couple, who might recognize themselves here, walk and go on adventures regularly, posting beautiful pictures, inspiring us to check it out.   I love seeing what they see, and am learning more about our area through their outings.

While we can’t walk like that every day we usually try to get out on the weekend, and I find these times feed my soul.  We’ve especially enjoyed a section on the Grey Canal recently, with its beautiful vistas of the orchards, and views of the city and Okanagan Lake.

We were delighted to find a couple of chairs perched along the way, and sat for a while taking it in.  A little bird, which I struggled to identify, sang to us, lifting its head to the sky, and it seemed to me, was filled with joy.  We just sat.  Taking it in.

Singing bird

Bird song

We carried on, enjoying the many flowers, fading phlox, thistles, blossoming orange, and more.  We saw a number of butterflies.

Our walk took us above a residential section and we admired gardens, and creative landscaping.  And then I heard a child singing.  I glimpsed her briefly behind the trees, her arms outstretched, running like a fairy, and singing “It’s a beautiful day!”.  She didn’t see us, and we carried on, respecting her privacy.

But her song has stayed with me, her free spirit, her joy in the moment.

Our country has known such deep sadness this week.  Crimes of hate, racism, we weep over children, innocent victims.  We continue to weep with those who weep.  We listen.

This beautiful child who sang – unbeknownst to her that we caught a glimpse of her pure beauty and joy – had given us a gift.

There is much to live for.  There  is beauty all around.  We can find healing in God’s beautiful creation, and cherish the moments.

I’m also determined that I can do my part to use my voice, to make this world a safer place for the children of today.  We can take action by listening, by standing up for what is right, by showing love and respect to all.  For we are all Gods beautiful creation.




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