I shared with my friend that I might take a break from blogging for a while . . . sometimes ideas run thin and life gets in the way.   She laughed and told me I’d think of something.

The fact is life has felt heavy lately, the air oppressive with heat and sometimes smoke, and the news holds much uncertainty for our futures.  I was particularly saddened this week to hear of the many who died in the heatwave, including those from our own community.

It raises the question, how could we have changed those outcomes?  These are conversations we need to have.

In the midst of this, I have been enjoying very early morning walks to beat the heat.  I have been taken by the beauty of the skies.  Ever changing, yet comfortingly the same.

The birds still sing.

Birds on a light post

Birds on a light post

The sun still comes up, on this particular morning, through a haze of smoke.

The clouds form an ever changing canvas of light and shadow, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of their beauty in these last few days

I’m reminded of those beautiful verses from scripture which say

Psalm 123:1
To You I lift up my eyes,
O You who are enthroned in the heavens!

So I look up, grateful for a God who sees, who knows, who cares.

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