Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen

The sun is a hazy ball these days and we long for rain, for fresher air.

It made me think of a poem I wrote, three years ago in August, and I thought I’d share it again.

An Ode to Our Beautiful Province

Beautiful British Columbia
on fire, our home

there is a heaviness in the air
It seems our world has become
Black and white
We long for colour
We are known for colour!

Flowers still blooming,
trees rise up to greet the day, 
do they feel the smoke?

Other trees give way to torches,
lighting up the sky
sacrifices to the great fires that 
cannot be contained.
There is a soberness we feel,
a somberness
for as we live and breathe, 
we are all affected.

we feel it,
we see it, 
we even smell it.

this can’t be turned off like
tonight’s news which just has more
of the same.

clogging our lungs
threatening our health
impacting our world.

This too shall pass
we look for hope. 

grateful for all the helpers
their endurance
and health
and safety.

prayers for all affected.

Beautiful BC
We often take our home for granted
may we have wisdom
to be good caregivers
as we live in this place
of beauty.

Smoky skies in Vernon July 14 2021

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