The old song, One day at a time, by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson has been going through my mind.  This has been a summer like no other I remember with fires all around us and smoky skies which keep us indoors.  The air feels heavy.

And my heart is heavy too, with many evacuated, and we all wait, while firefighters and emergency response teams continue to work hard in what seems like a never ending battle.  The plague blazes on too, with numbers rising and with it, tempers flaring as those who are unvaccinated and those who are, urging their concerns in the often unkind platform of social media.

Plans are made, then cancelled.  We live with the unknowing and life is tentative.

It makes one weary.  And sad.  Fear is real for many.

So how do I quiet my heart in the midst of chaos?  Songs, which appear like gifts in the mind can be messages from God, and I love that.  I looked up the lyrics and found these comforting words:

One day at a time, sweet Jesus
Thats all I’m asking of You
Just give me the strength to do everyday
What I have to do
Yesterday’s gone, sweet Jesus
And tomorrow may never be mine
God help me today
Show me the way
One day at a time.

Yes!  One day at a time… and the sweet knowledge God is with us, today, and for every day.  So we pray for strength for THIS day, for moments of joy, thankful for blessings, looking for ways to help and encourage.  We have the gift of today.

One day at a Time

One day at a Time


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