we like them,
the right to choose.

Sourdough or rye,
or white, if you please?

52 choices of shampoo,
One can spend a long time in
that grocery or pharmacy aisle.

Take ice-cream,
there’s a choice for you.
Chocolate, or vanilla
or every other kind you can

But there will always
be things we cannot

The weather, for example,
or the country we are born into
or the colour of our skin.

We didn’t choose to live in this
particular era
but here we are, neighbours
on this planet.

What do we do
with what we are given?

Certainly we don’t choose trouble or
strife, or war
or the pandemic.

But we do have choices.

To be kind.
To listen.
To respond with respect.

We can choose to be compassionate.
to be generous
and thankful.

We can choose to trust,
to hang on to hope,
to live a life of faith,
to believe in miracles.

We can choose to forgive.

And always, always
we can choose to live a life
guided by love.

❤️Grace Wulff 2021

Choose Love

Choose Love

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