There are some places where chaplains offer a blessing for hands, and I thought it was a beautiful idea.

I’ve been thinking of all who offer care these days, in care homes, in the hospital, and many other places.  Our hands are gifts we use for good.  And so I wanted to offer a blessing for these hands, your hands.

Bless these hands

Bless the hands
hands that hold
hands that nurture
hands that carry

Bless the hands which clean
hands that build
hands that create

Bless the hands that guide
hands that teach
hands that express

Bless the hands that heal
hands that care
hands that love.

Lord bless the hands which give
hands full of compassion
hands of mercy.

Bless these hands
hands which serve
hands filled with with love.

-grace wulff 2021

Bless these Hands

Bless these Hands

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