Today was a day for lament.  I’m grateful that we can be honest with our sadness, there is a time for tears as well as joy.  Perhaps your heart is heavy too and you will relate.  Many are weary these days.  But always, there is hope.  I do hope you will be encouraged today.

Some days I just Want to Weep

Some days I just want to weep
weep with the rain
for the troubles of the world,

Don’t get me started, for my
list is as long
As it takes to get to the moon.

Weeping for the sadness
of the suffering
the lonely
the grieving
the hungry
the weary
the misunderstood
the marginalized
the fearful
even the angry.

Who said being a citizen
of this old planet
would be easy,

and I, privileged
and full
and warm
should hardly complain.

But the tears squish out
for I can’t
the troubles of this world.

I settle down,
the sun sends shafts of light
onto my foggy morning

and I contemplate
What I can do,
there IS a time
for mourning.

But then, I rise,
I plant bulbs,
promises of spring.
I make soup.
I have a cup of tea.

How does one nourish
a broken
angry world?

One kindness at a time,
A smile
A prayer,
A tissue
for your tears.

-Grace Wulff 2021

In a Broken World

In a Broken World

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