Yes.  It’s that time of year.

When being frightened comes with the season, plastic ghosts and goblins arise from neighbours lawns, and sounds of terror fill the night sky.

I will freely admit, it is NOT my favourite season.  And we have had so much reality to truly scare us, we are weary. But children revel in the pretend, in the dressing up, in the abundance of treats.

I found a poem I wrote five years ago, and thought it worth reposting. Be not afraid!

I don’t need
to be scared.

I seem to manage
without the chills
(and for some the thrills)
that come this time of year.

Just this morning
A big black spider
the size of a Truck
(we have a lot of toy trucks around here)
appeared out of
and attached itself
on my ceiling.

Thankfully, my patient hubby
rescued me
but I was shaken,
none the less.

Why is it (on another subject)
that my darling grandchildren
think it is the best game
to SCARE me?
They become dinosaurs,
and ROAR!!!

I am flattened
with apparent fright
which is greeted by
uproarious laughter.

(Grandmothers ARE amusing, it seems).

There are many things
that send a chill or shiver
Real things like
Politics for one,
Germs this time of year
Threats of violence
and our world doesn’t feel safe at all.

I calm myself and remember the ancient words
“Be Not Afraid.”

Good words for scary times.
Good words for every day!

-written October 2016, by Grace Wulff

My grandchildren are growing up.  And germs have become scary indeed.
Our weary planet does not always feel safe.
But the message remains  “Be not Afraid “.

May peace abound in your hearts today and every day.

Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid

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