Have  you ever read Haiku, perhaps written some in a school project?  I was thinking about this ancient form of poetry and thought I’d try to write some verses.  There is a discipline to it, 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and five in the third.

I’ve been on a retreat to the mountains, beautiful, reflective.  I was glad for time to sketch, time to learn and engage, time to write, time to rest, and time to take in incredible beauty.


Banff mountains







Here is my Haiku, well, several, wrapped into one poem.

In the wilderness
I have found myself, weary
You offered mercy.

I wrestle with life
My problems overcome me
My eyes hurt with tears.

You are my safe place
of refuge, I hide myself
cocooned by your love.

Mountains surround me.
Majestic in their beauty
Your wonders heal me.

Where can I flee from
the troubles that torment me?
Even here, You find me.

Held in Your mercy
Covered in grace and love.
You’ve got this; I rest.

mountain sketch

mountain sketch

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