As I write this, storms are again assailing our province in BC, and in the Atlantic provinces as well.  People in ravaged areas are bracing themselves once again for the fury of the storm.

There’s been so much tragedy lately, and I wrote about it last week.  We watch the news with disbelief, and then do what we can do – make a call, spring into action if we are able, send money, pray.  And because people respond to these things with unbelievable courage and fortitude, there is hope.

Although hope is illusive for some, it seems like it has never been more important.  As we enter into this first week of Advent, we focus on hope.  Because without hope we would face despair.

hang on to hope

hang on to Hope

Hope is a beacon, a light in the darkness. Desmond Tutu says this: “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Hope is an anchor.  Though we might feel tossed about, we are connected to something, Someone greater than ourselves.

Advent is a time of waiting, of longing, of anticipation.  We sit with hope, not knowing the outcome, but trusting in the One who loves us.  Christmas is more than waiting for a baby.  No, Jesus came to a dark, confused, troubled world, and we call him Redeemer, Saviour.  Our hope rests in those eternal promises, still true today.

So we hang on to hope.  We put our hope in God’s unfailing love.  That is the promise of Christmas.

hang on to hope coloured

Hang on to Hope

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