Spring Shall Come 

This past week held a day observed and documented by some as the saddest of the year.  Perhaps for some it was, January can drag on, like an endless winter.  It is a dark time for many, in more ways than one.

When I was a teen I went through a winter of deep depression.  Hope seemed illusive, and life hard.  It was during this time, I was gifted with this lovely book, “And Spring Shall Come”, by Dean Walley.  I’ve held on to it all these years, a beautiful gift of hope, and I found out you can still get a copy, although it was published in 1971.  It’s poetry and beautiful illustrations have stood the test of time.

This week, in January, I was drawn to paint pictures of spring, inspired by tutorials by Ellen Crimini Trent.  She is a lovely on-line teacher, and inspires me to paint. (Check her out on YouTube).

As I painted the snowdrops, I was brought right back to the memory of the book, the message of the book.  It opened my heart to hope in that dark winter so long ago.

And in this season, the bulbs are there, resting, waiting to stir, and search for light in the darkest dirt.  And one day soon, they will break open and push their way through the cold earth with promises of beauty and colour and hope.

Yes, spring will come.  The winter of this pandemic will become a memory.  We will rise, shedding the darkness.  Birds will sing.  Flowers will bloom.  Hope will overcome.  Spring is coming.

Spring Shall Come

Spring Shall Come

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