Bound together

Celtic knots are hard to draw. I’ve tried a few, and it takes a lot of concentration and erasing and often second tries.
I tried this one this week and after labouring over it for an hour, I just accepted it with its imperfections. And as I stared at it and contemplated tossing it in the recycling bin, I took a good look at the lines, the hearts, that invited me to think of love.

Heart tangle

Heart tangle

How like life, I thought. We are all connected, although we might also say we are a tangled mess. As part of the human race, residents of this planet, descendants of Adam, you would think we could get along.

I continue to be dismayed at the polarisation, and the anger that seems to go with it. And we are all affected.

We long for connection, we also long for peace.

It’s messy, like my tangle, yet, we are connected. As I determined to get to the end of my drawing, I also saw the hearts my lines created, a reminder again to love. When we don’t know what to do, we can determine to keep showing up, showing love to all, and to listen to the stories of those around us.

Bind us together, Lord, the old song goes, bind us together in love. This is my hope, my prayer, that whatever divides us, we can remember we are bound together. By our humanity. And may we be bound together in love.


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