Moments of Joy

Every year, in recent years, I have chosen a word to live by.  And for the last couple of years I have designed and created a calendar around one of those words; an art piece to colour, for twelve months of the year.

Joy became my word this year but so far, like many, this year has continued to be fraught with challenges; increased angst and polarity in our culture, a never ending pandemic, personal and global tragedies, all around us.  We are hemmed in by winter, by weather, by circumstances.   I have been keenly aware of the great stress on our health care system, and one of my joys has been to find ways to support and encourage the staff where I work.

And there it is; I’m learning again and again to find joy in the midst of life, in the moments that surprise, even on days of discouragement.  Sometimes joy comes in serving others, other times it comes in unexpected moments of encouragement from others or simple pleasures.

I started looking for joy verses this week, joy quotes, instances of joy.  I want to write them down, to savour them.  It is easy to become despondent, and many of us feel weary.  It takes determination to look for joy, but that is the task set before me.

Perhaps it is different for you, we are all created so differently.  I know I have a sensitive nature, and feel things deeply. I can be melancholy.  There are times those traits serve me well, and I am encouraged to know that I am not alone.

All that to say, I found encouragement and joy in this verse this week, finding a way to illustrate it.  I hope you will be encouraged this week, as you too experience and look for moments of joy.

Sing for Joy

Sing for Joy

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