Sometimes words are hard to find, in times like we are living in.
Words of hope in times of darkness.

The mist seemed appropriate this morning, as I wrote:

The mist
The mist has sunk
clouding my world
wrapping it in gray

the neighbour’s dog
breaks the silence
birds chirp in reply.
The day has begun.

The intrusion of
I don’t want to hear
Images I can’t bear to see
have clouded our world
with sadness,

Our pandemic-weary planet
suffering yet another wound
and why?
from a power seeking bully

The world is grey
mist falling like tears

and we paint blue skies
and bright happy sunflowers
as we show support for
the oppressed,
victims of an unnecessary war.

There is always hope
in the darkness
Courageous people that inspire
Faith that endures
A determination to stand up
for what is true and right and good.

And so the day begins
The gift of hope remains,
as we continue to pray.



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