Who thought pie would be easy?  In fact, who came up with that saying anyway?

When I think of making pie, I think of trying to achieve the flaky crust my mother created.  Not so easy.
Pies were a staple in our house, loved by my father, and yes, all of us kids too.

Dad loved raisin pie (have you heard of that one?) and as a child I loved flapper pie, often made with a graham crumb crust.  Just thinking about it makes me hungry.  It is probably just like a vanilla custard pie, but look in any authentic Mennonite cooking book, and you’ll find a recipe.

We enjoyed all kinds of pies; often apple, and cherry, pumpkin and lemon meringue.  I have made a lot of pumpkin pies in my day, another of my favourites.  And rarely from a can, that seems to be sacrilegious in Mennonite circles.

Pie making takes time, and technique.  I suppose those who are exceptionally good at it might call it easy.  Not me.  I don’t bake pies often anymore, and you will find me cheating with a gluten free crust from the store, just so I can enjoy it.

I asked Wikipedia for some help and here was a definition: “As easy as pie” is a popular colloquial idiom and simile which is used to describe a task or experience as pleasurable and simple.   Well, certainly EATING pie would be counted as very pleasurable, I’m still not convinced it is a simple task to make one.

Nor was trying to paint pie, which I attempted to do.  Not easy, but quite pleasurable and far less calories!!  And I added another quaint saying… “as sweet as pie”, which just means you are sweet and friendly.

So how’s that for a sweet post?  Thank you for the inspiration, Darleen… who asked me to paint pie, and inspired me to write about it too.  Enjoy a slice for me!!

Sweet as pie

Sweet as Pie

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