I wondered about what direction I should go with my blog in the next months … May is beautiful and springtime, but in my world, I am also immersed in memorials this month, some for those I cared deeply about.

When I’m feeling melancholy I’m finding I want to paint, or immerse myself in beauty.  So I pulled out my paints yesterday and hastily painted some balsam sunflowers I had taken a picture of on a recent walk.  Not perfect, but very therapeutic!

Balsam root sunflowers

Balsam root sunflowers

I’ve also been exploring the idea of learning about different kinds of poetry, and trying to write within that discipline.  So I started out with couplets, which is rather fun.  You might want to try it!

A Couplet for You 

I start with a rhyme
Five beats in this line.

A couplet, I’m told
Could be mild, or bold.

Let’s tell stories of hope
That help us to cope,

Of sweetness, and grace
and beauty, and space

to think of what’s good,
to live as we should –

With love our main goal
That is food for the soul.

So join me in rhyme
For poetry time.

Silly, but fun, don’t you think?

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