A freestyle poem this week…

Thursday came upon me, and I woke up thinking… I forgot to blog!  Not that the world would stop, or anyone would notice.  But it has become a discipline for me, a rhythm in my weeks.

I’ve enjoyed exploring poetry styles in the last weeks.  But today is freestyle, the words that came to my consciousness this morning, as I took my deep breaths, thankful for a new day.


It’s not optional
I breathe without thinking
without formulating how to,
without effort.

Until I can’t breathe
grasping for precious air
to fill my lungs.

For those who struggle
to breathe
I lift a prayer.

I create space
to breathe
deliberately tracking
my breath

expanding and holding
slowly releasing
and again.

Breath is life
A gift.
So I breathe
in this moment.

A forest walk

A forest walk

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