An ode today…. To a high chair.  It’s the stuff of memories, fun to share.  


This high chair
has been hiding in my basement.
Behind cobwebs and stacked boxes
of whatnots,
Christmas decorations
luggage just waiting
for a vacation.

I thought about it
this high chair
designated to the
darkest corner of my basement
and I remembered

my own children,
sticky fingers
and spaghetti stains
cheerios by the dozen
and sweet laughter.

It was the high chair at Grandmas house
My dear mom
who had saved it for moments
like these.
Family dinners, babysitting
Always a space at the table.

The high chair was mine.
Now in its 60’s
Probably deemed unsafe,
it served me
my brother and sisters
and we all survived.

I took it out of hiding last week
gave it a place of honour on my deck
and the gift of flowers.
It holds memories galore.

What does one do
in this minimalistic world?
For now,
my little antique high chair
will again bring smiles
reminding me of happy days
sticky fingers and kisses.
memories kept alive
as I sit with my old high chair.

My old high chair

My old high chair


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