I’m not sure if a rant is a poetry form, although an ode is.
The mosquito would have preferred to be the lone star of this post, but I would not allow it…

No, this rather silly, breaking all the rules poem, is about flowers and beauty, and yes, the pesky mosquito.

Here goes:

A Buggy Post
There are raves
and there are rants
There are odes
of praise, and prose.

The flowers
Inspire an artist’s brush
Colours and shapes
Fragrance escapes

to fill the air
with glorious scent
All earth a place
of beauty, and grace…

Except …

Oh God, I wonder why
the reason for the pesky fly
But worst of all, I’d like to know
The likes of that mosquito.

They formed a crowd
the other day
And in glee, it seemed
they came my way

Thirsty, for it seemed to me
they had a feast
whileI slapped, and fumed
deterring them not the least.

There are joys that come my way
in each and every day
but truly I could do without
these nasty bugs which fly about.

So here’s my rant . .
It is NOT an ode
Could not mosquito bugs
be more controlled??

Life has its share of ups and downs,
what brings those smiles, and then those frowns.
But if I’m tempted to ask why
as I lift my eyebrows to the sky

I know for sure, without a doubt
I’ll likely never figure it out.
What ever does happen to be
I want to view the world and see

the beauty of gifts all around,
so forgive me when I sound
annoyed …l had my rant today,
my attitude to change, I pray…

To be content
no matter my lot;
to choose peace, and joy
mosquitoes … or not.


I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation.  Philippians  4:12







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