I’ve been collecting moments of joy.

At the beginning of this year, I chose a word for 2022, as I have done for many years, and my word is JOY.  I will freely admit that sometimes I’ve wondered about this word.  Like many of you, I’ve seen a lot of suffering, I don’t know when I’ve participated in so many memorials as the past few months.

But I do know that beautiful verse which says, Joy comes in the morning…

I decided to be proactive and started collecting quotes and verses about joy.  I’ve been putting them into drawings.  This has been a wonderful exercise as I’ve sat with these truths.  And these drawings will likely form the theme of next years colouring calendar.

One day last week, I was asked to write a poem with a thanksgiving theme.  I’ve often thought how gratitude is related to joy.  So here’s this week’s poem, along with a new drawing and quote.

One more day.
One more day
To wake up
eyes swelled with sleep
to inhale air

to become aware
as I awake
Of smell, of sight

I see the grape vine,
Leaves gently waving
outside my window

I feel the crumpled sheets
Which kept me warm
I hear the hum of
the air purifier

and give thanks for
One more day.

What is there to do
but to feel gratitude.
Whatever this day brings
I know the gift of life
The gift of breath.
The gift of waking up.

I give thanks
For one more day.

Collect Beautiful Moments

Collect Beautiful Moments

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