The Gift of a New Day

Early mornings are a treasure to me.  I’m a wake up slow kind of girl, not the jump out of bed and get with it kind.
In my work, I see a lot of death. Some face it serenely, even long for it, others fight with all they have to remain here.  These are sacred moments, at these bedsides, holding space with those who wait, aware of the thin curtain between this life and the next.
There is a new day on the other side too!  And our imaginations can soar as we think of being in our Creators Presence, of reuniting with loved ones, of being free from pain.
And as I ruminate, I’m glad for slow starts, for quiet mornings, time to pray and contemplate.  I wrote this a couple of days ago, as I woke up, the gift of another day.

To start the day
is a gift.

I hear the sounds
of distant traffic
and closer,
my own breath.

The coffee cup
cradled in my hands
the first tastes
of this morning.

I give thanks
for slow
for quiet
in a busy season.

Even the mind
needs a rest
a place to renew.

This quiet cave
of stillness
is a refuge.

The busy world awaits.

In quietness and trust,
where strength comes from.

and I step out
into this day
Filled from
the Source
of Love.

You have been my Help

You have been my Help

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