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By my favourite chair, where I like to curl up and doodle, is an array of pens and pencils and one of my most useful tools, an eraser.

I use it everyday, adjusting my sketches, erasing pencil lines where I want to paint.

Years ago (and this dates me) there was much excitement when the new typewriters in our typing class offered a reverse and erase option. It was incredibly helpful and time saving, and I doubt whether the little bottles of white liquid erasing ink even exist anymore.

My first manual typewriter (no erasers there) still sits in my closet. I can’t bear to part with it, it was a gift from my dad, who encouraged me to write.

I’ve been writing this week; reports, memos, a message, this blog. And I happily use the back space button, as I erase and edit and adjust. What a gift.

Then there’s auto-correct, very helpful at times when I spell things wrong, and it just adjusts my type as I go along. But how frustrating, and sometimes funny, when I find my words changed to something I had not intended. I do have some interesting conversations with my iPad, telling it to mind its own business. 😃

There are other things I’d like to erase…

If I could only erase
The mistakes that I’ve made
But I can’t turn back the clock
to go backward in time.

We are given one life
to live forward not back,
one day at a time.
How I spend it is mine

or is it? Because
I can’t always control
what will happen today
God help me!
I pray

that no matter what comes
I can face life with peace
I can’t change the past
But I can choose how I see.
No I can’t erase
the mistakes of the past
the history that is mine
the good and the bad.

But what I can choose
in this life I embrace
To be thankful for all
that I’ve learned in this space
of time I’ve been given
to live my life well.

Perfectly, no.
Gratefully, yes.
No erasers to use
but an attitude to choose,
a new day to live
forward, not back
with the lessons I’ve learned
to keep me on track.

God give me the grace
to live in this place
love and joy to embrace
letting go…
of what I can’t

gw 2022


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