An ode to September, the changing of seasons.
There always seems a shift this time of year, new beginnings, calendars filling up with new schedules.

Some enjoy the return to routine and regular rhythms.  But I always feel a bit of melancholy as we say goodbye to summer.

September Song

So you are here again,
signs of summer fading.

You offer cooler nights,
sweater mornings
and fading flowers.

School buses reappear
Lines of chattering children
Embarking on a new school year.

Crisp apples,
Plums and pears
Jars of preserves put away

for winter.
Oh but first
let us celebrate the season

Of rich colour
Leaves turning
Spiders spinning

Life ebbs and flows
Seasons come and
Then they go.

September is a door
Summer closing
Autumn opening.

And we can remain
grateful for the
memories made

this summer,
as we welcome




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