My thoughts were full of words and pictures this morning, and I quickly wrote them down before they fell out of my brain into oblivion. Another gift of a Thursday; it was just Monday!

So here’s some thoughts on life for a Thursday morning.

scurries by
May falls into

mornings into night
again and again

Clouds drift by
and disappear in a
Do clouds have an
expiry date?

I stared at the sunflower
I had planted
one cold spring morning

A seed among many
But she survived
and grew, tall
Her yellow crown as big
as a plate

I talked to her
each night as I
watered the parched ground
and she was just there
part of my landscape
colouring it with
beauty and grace.

I reminded myself to
to hold this moment
to drink in
her beauty..

But I forgot to capture
the moment with my camera
And yesterday
she drooped
her head bowed

and soon I know
where she once stood
will only be a memory
in my mind.

Teach us to savour our days
O God
Our yesterdays pile up

And eternity seems closer
That great unknown
when time as we know it
will be
no more.

Cloud formations near my home

Cloud formations near my home

August sunflowers in my garden

August sunflowers in my garden

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