Turning Leaves

Turning Leaves

We’ve had the most amazing September and October, falling into autumn beauty. Outdoors has been such a pleasure, blue skies and perfect temperatures.

My harvest has given and given again.

Flowers grace my table, brilliant dahlias, sassy sunflowers, colourful zinnias. I’ve picked bowls of tomatoes and beans and the odd cucumber surprises me.

The petunia hanging basket by my front door still cascades it’s beauty, a welcoming presence to all who come.

In all this, I’ve been giving thanks… and watching the temperature. Our warm days are done and this week we will transition to cooler days and much needed rain.

With nights set to dip to frost, it is time for me to pull, to dig, to put to rest.

I like the idea of endless summer, and yet the cycles of life keep turning, never stagnant, each season offering gifts of its own.

Embracing Autumn

Embracing Autumn

I see it in aging as I watch my own numbers creeping up on me. There is a time to be fruitful, a time to rest.
And yet the gift of getting older, of life transitions, is a new kind of giving, living, perhaps with a slower pace, but with the wisdom of years.

So as we transition to colder, find our boots and mittens, give thanks for furnaces and warm cars, I embrace a slowing down, savouring the gifts of a new day and season.

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