It’s the Simple Things

When I think about what brings me joy, it is the simple things.

It is the unexpected moments, like when a colleague at work spontaneously bought me a tea and I felt so loved.

It was the moment I walked into urgent care and the nurse on duty is a dear friend who was there just at the right time, wrapping me up with her warmth and love.

Yesterday it was the rose trying to bloom the night before our heaviest frost.

It was the moment yesterday that I glanced out the kitchen window to see the sunset, soft glow of yellow and pink outlining the mountain peaks across the valley.

It was the moment that I, not a confident gardener, discovered a new leaf on my orchid plant I had been faithfully (well at least most of the time) watered this last year and a half.
And this week it burst into flower! What a gift.

In a world of sad news, constant stresses, I am reminded again to slow down, to notice, to appreciate gifts that come my way.

I am grateful for how God places people in my path who bless me, just at the right time.
And equally grateful for roses in November, an orchid who bloomed again, for skies coloured by our amazing Creator.



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