I loved our late summer. Picnics in October.  Sweater weather.

Did we even have two weeks of autumn?  People were mowing their lawns 10 days ago, I was picking the last of my beans.

And here we are, in a white world, -8 this morning, the day before Remembrance Day.

Im reminded, daily, to give thanks in all things. Winter has always challenged me in this regard.
I can tell you what I don’t like, quite easily.
Being cold.
Icy roads.
Darker days.
Cold and flu season.

I admire those who joyously find their skis, or snowshoes and merrily head up the mountain. After two disastrous falls in my history, skiing is not for me.

But I will be thankful for
Slower days.
A warm house.
Books to read.
For movies and popcorn
and endless cups of tea.

There is beauty in every season,
even Winter.


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