I’ve had quite the week as I’ve prepared to retire from my role as hospital chaplain.  Because many have been generous, I have stored a wealth of resources, including bibles, books, children’s colouring books and crayons, prayer shawls, and quilts. And they all have been put to good use.

But I had forgotten about the chapel, and when I opened the cabinet in that space, there were more books, a few bibles, and one very old hymn book.

At that moment I was distracted by a text and stopped to look. My dear friend was praying for me.  She said she was reminded of the song we sing, “He will hold you fast.”  I love that song, it reminds me that I am held in love.

The song is based on Scripture, from Psalm 139:10,… even there Your hand will guide me; Your right hand will hold me fast. … Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.

When I read that text I was encouraged for I felt exhausted, and emotionally drained.  I was leaving a position I loved, and yet I need to trust God’s timing.  Truly, God will hold me fast.

I stopped for a moment, interested in this old hymn book I had forgotten about. I flipped open the pages, and the first song I saw, on page 102, was . . . He Will Hold You Fast.

He will Hold me Fast

He will Hold me Fast

I couldn’t believe it . . . And yet I could.  I felt the comforting presence of God holding me in a challenging time of transition.

We are in the midst of Advent, and I was going to write about joy this week.  And I thought, how appropriate, in the midst of a busy morning God had used a friend… and a hymn book, to remind me that God was with me in it all.  A moment of joy.  A gift to remember.

God will hold me Fast

God will Hold me Fast

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