We are in the closing chapters of 2022, now part of our history.
What were the gifts of this past year for you?
The challenges?
The joys?  The griefs?

We hold all these elements as part of the human race.  As much as we can plan, and educate, and save up for, we cannot orchestrate the future.  We take what is given, choosing how to respond.  Or react.

The New Year gives us opportunity to assess, to reevaluate, to ponder.  It also gives us a pause, a pause to remember.  I was struck with Mary’s words in the Magnificat, where she boldly declares all the great things God has done.  Her song is a song of confidence and trust even when she does not know how the future will unfold.

So I find myself in this posture.  Of looking back, of giving thanks.  For God has done great things!  God has been good to me, allowing me to weep with the suffering, comfort the bereaved, rejoice with those who rejoice.  My journey has been rich, even though not always easy,  Through it all, there has been this confidence that God is with me.

Knowing that; knowing we have a loving and compassionate Father, enables us to walk into our tomorrows, while giving thanks for the gift of this day.

And so we enter this New Year with hope and confidence, thanking our Creator that we do not journey alone.


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