I was looking for a drawing this morning, one that would illustrate this blog. As I scrolled through hundreds of pictures, paintings, and drawings, I could not find it. It became clear to me that I really need to clean up, organize, and purge many of my files.

There has been that urge to purge a lot of our “stuff” recently.  And it is not an easy task. Some of our things have attachments, like the dishes my mama used, or the crafts my kids made. So I ask, will I use this again?  Will it have value to my children?

For some things tell a story.  That is why we have museums, to share the story of history, to learn from our past.  But I really don’t have room for a museum in my home.  😊

So I will continue to sift, and clean, to give away.  Some I will have joy in finding, remembering, and using again.

Our “stuff” can consume us.  It needs care and attention.  Perhaps if I was moving, these decisions would be easier.  And yet, I’m grateful for the memories I have, the treasures I store, until they begin to rule me.  Is it a burden, or a joy?

And so, one closet and cupboard at a time, It is my task for now.  I am rich in possessions, even richer in memories.  And it is the memories that will last.

And yes, I found my simple illustration… on my computer.  Simplify!


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