It’s a funny

named after a saint
who must be shaking his head

but most of us long for it
wanting to get it right
I love you imperfectly
as I long for your love in return.

And for those whom are
separated by death,
by distance,
by brokenness,

for those longing
for meaningful relationship

we can toss off this day
as if it didn’t matter

but perhaps, it does?

There is no perfect love
other than the love of our Creator
who formed us and said
It is good.

So know you are loved
and if you are able,

fill your love tank,
especially if it is empty
sending out messages of love

to all you know
and we can remind each other
in our imperfect world
of longing and expectations

That truly, we are loved.
and every day.

Just Because

Just Because

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