Ash Wednesday lament

I walked
in the cold mist
grey as ash

And wore my sorrow
Like a cloak

There is a time
for mourning
to feel the loss

acknowledge pain
You don’t have to
like it

or ignore it
Sackcloth and ashes
Are a poor fit

Yet fitting
for mourning
Ash, dust

The stuff we are made of
To which
we shall return.

So I walk
and I ponder
and let the grey mist

wash my tears.
Life is hard
and good

Joy mixed with sorrow
Rainbows after rain
Hope a constant

So I put on my ash

the suffering
Of the One
Who loves me.

We do not walk alone
The One who wept
Is with me.

Mist on Okanagan Lake

Mist on Okanagan Lake

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