Spring has sprung

Sky blue
Temperatures climbing
the taste of warmth on my skin.
Sweater weather,
I ditch my coat
and savour this beautiful day.

The ground is breaking up
Green shoots: tulip, crocus, garlic
force their entrance into the world,
green shoots bursting
with hope.

The grass a little greener,
the sky a little bluer
people escaping their houses
pulling out patio chairs
and sweeping away the
dust of winter.

Spring can be fickle
although today she has cast a lovely spell
nourishing hope and promises
of flowers and picnics
and walks in the sun.

Tomorrow the sun might hide
The rain threaten
The wind stir things up
But for now,

I’m basking in the
sunshine and the joy
of spring.


Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung


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