What Art teaches me about Life

I’ve been taking an online art class, several, actually, to broaden my thinking and learn new things. It is good for my brain, but perhaps even more importantly, creativity is good for the soul.

I’ve long believed that art is a spiritual practice, a reflection of the gifts of our Creator. Of course, we all express that creativity differently, because we are unique and wonderfully made!

I’ve sometimes wondered why I share my art, because if I play the comparison game, I can convince myself my work is not worth showing. It can feel vulnerable.

But I’ve learned that I write, and create, because I feel compelled to, and because I believe there are others who need to be encouraged. Perhaps encouraged to try to create themselves , or just encouraged by a word or image.

The biggest lesson I’m learning is that this isn’t about a perfect finished piece. Not at all. I learn from my mistakes and successes along the way. It is far more about the process. When we get into a zone of creating, whatever it is, I believe our minds and body engage, and even healing can happen.



One of the exercises this past week was to make marks… using a colour that described my feelings. We started negative, making bold strokes, as I thought about something that was making me upset. Then it changed to what brought me joy this past week. It then evolved to play, being bold with colour and marks and scribbles.

When I think about that exercise, so foreign to me, it was a picture of letting go. Letting go has been a theme in my spiritual life, this constant invitation to let go of what I can’t control. It is an invitation to trust.

So this week’s lessons? To enjoy the process, rather than achieve perfection or focus on the end result. The second lesson is to let go of what I can’t control, or perhaps to go further, to let go of control when it isn’t mine to manage.

In the meantime, I’ll get back to my art lessons. To pondering life and what our amazing Creator is teaching me.

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