Give me Ears to Listen

I’ve been practicing, pondering, how to listen with the ears of my heart.
Sitting still is one thing, to still the mind is another all together.

It helps me to remember that our holy God is compassionate and infinitely patient. And when I think about the never ending love of God I long to spend time, to still my heart, to listen.

There are multiple distractions. When I quiet myself, my mind scurries to my to do list, tasks to do, people to connect with, even my surroundings can call my name.

One of my favourite pictures of Jesus is him with a lamb in his arms. I think of that lamb, restless, wiggly, looking all around. And the firm gentle arms of the shepherd holding her close. And she begins to settle, to relax, to enjoy being held.

Breath Prayer

Breath Prayer

This is an invitation. The cross is a symbol, a reminder that we have a risen Lord who intercedes for us in heavenly realms. The spirit of the Living God is among us, we are not alone.

This is not a one time conversation. It is a way of life, a communion with a living God Who cares, Who loves, Who knows me as I am.

We don’t have to get it right. Relationship is not like that. But I can remind myself daily, I’m invited to become still. To listen. To hear with the ears of my heart.


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