These words came up in our book study, a conversation we were having about the book we were reading.

Defiant hope. Hope in the face of challenges, difficulty, unknowns.

Hope that is persistent, determined, a constant reminder to look for the light, especially when we find ourselves in dark places.

Hope that offers a reason to get up in the morning, to face the day, to look for moments of joy.

Hope that will not be deterred, or squashed, even when reduced to a flicker.

Hope that stands in the face of fear.

Hope is the gift we give others in their moments of despair.  It is the knowledge we are not alone.

For even in dark moments, even when we may not feel it, we can know that we are loved, that the One who created us is with us!

So be defiant in hope!  Hang on!  Rest in the knowledge that hope prevails, a gift for all of us.

Defiant Hope

Defiant Hope

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