When Grief Comes Knocking at Your Door

It’s the call we never want, the knock on the door.
We hear it on the news,
watch it on movies,
we hear the sirens on their way to someone,
but we are removed.

Until it happens to us.

We are not immune.
And no one gets out of this life . . .
without dying first

And those left behind
are stunned and shattered
at this life
we cannot control.

Grief comes with weight
A heaviness of the soul
A yearning for
One last conversation
A hug,
a way to say

We have this hope
that when our turn comes
and we walk into eternity
all will be made well.

And even now
in the midst of grief

We are not alone.

And so we keep on
The ordinary of our lives calls
Weeds to be pulled
Appointments to be kept
We eat and sleep
Or try to…

Even though we are
bent with grief
knowing we will learn to live
with this reality

While we give thanks for
the one we loved.
The one we miss.

gw April 2023

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