I have to admit, I wasn’t sure I was going to blog this week.
There have been a number of things weighing heavily in my mind, my life.
And I know, all too well, that I’m not alone.

Sometimes though, it compounds and I know it is time for a mental health check.

I often talk about art therapy, and I truly believe that this has kept me from dark places I don’t want to go.  It is a gift, a way of prayer, a creative way to process.

Today I went to the garden store.  I love this place, full of dreams and hopes and living things.  Although it can be a bit intimidating.  Today I invested in some little perennials, some cucumber plants for pickling, some flowers to add colour.  I bought things I had never heard of before, determining to learn.

I think of my mom, who told me she saved $5 out of her allotted grocery allowance each month so she could buy plants in the spring.  I know I mention her often, it is ten years in June since she went to heaven, and the one thing we talked about was how amazing the flowers would be there.  She was looking forward to seeing them.  I don’t know how gardening works in heaven, but I can only imagine… no weeds, no sore back, no pesky bugs!

So I will pray over these plants and see what happens.  Choosing them brought me joy.

To be planted

To be planted

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