On Saturday, June 17, we will mark the 10th anniversary of my moms graduation to heaven.

I’ve  thought of her often as of late, I find it fascinating how our inner clocks hold those memories, especially at significant anniversary times.  Grief is a interesting companion, and as we get older it is part of our lives, as we say goodbye to those we love.  We hope it will never come, but it is inevitable, grief and death are part of being human.

I like the term “good grief”, for even though our longing for their presence can be deep and sad, there is also a deep gratitude for their lives, for all they meant to us.

As I get older myself, I think of our beloved mama and think of all the ways she influenced us, shaped us, loved us.  I see her at the age I was now, and how she coped with incredible transitions, and the grief of her own mamas home-going.  I see her humanness from a new perspective, her longings, her struggles.  I think of my beautiful mom with thankfulness, and yes, I’d love to have one more conversation.  But then I’d want more…

She was such an amazing gardener, I’d love her advice.  She cheered me on as a chaplain, and I’d love to tell her all about these last years of challenge, the joys and the heartaches.  Yes, I miss her.

She died close to Father’s Day, and today I want to also honour my dad, who is longing to join her in heaven,  He has lived a robust life since she left, and I think she would be amazed; well perhaps she knows all about it. We are thankful for our dad, and to be able to have a dad around for Father’s Day is a gift.

Really, each day is a gift as he has had some health challenges recently and we are thankful we can support him.  Until very recently he has led bible studies (all of his life, since he was 18), he has pastored, and has inspired us all with his biking, tennis, and ping pong.  At 92, he is allowed to slow down!

So this week I remember.  I am thankful for the love story of my parents, and my rich heritage.

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

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