Short and long

Short and long Of It

Today, as I write this, is Wednesday, June 21.  The longest day of the year.
Or perhaps, more accurately, in our hemisphere, the day of longest light, of shortest night.

I love long summer evenings.  Going for late day walks, enjoying a drink on my deck, walking in . . . and watering… my garden.  The last few days have been cool with much needed rain.

I’d like this time of year to slow down, I want to savour the light, and linger.   June seems in a hurry this year, days flitting by, like the beautiful monarchs floating by, here one delightful moment, and off to their next destination the next.

I find I have to live life deliberately, thoughtfully.  And live with the unexpected.  The curve balls I didn’t see coming, the challenges of life.  We hold sorrow and joy together on any given day.

So a new day, 24 hours like any other, there is an invitation to live, and love well.  To seek joy, to savour the moments.  That is the long and short of it! 😊🌼

Seek Joy

Seek Joy

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