I was thinking about the word uplift this week; it is a unique word.
The two words that make up this word both point in an upwards direction.



When I think of uplifting, I think of encouragement, support, hopefulness, positivity.

Do you ever look up into the sky and let your imagination flow? What lies beyond the great beyond? Where are our loved ones, is heaven close, or far? It is beyond our imagination.

When I think of lifting my eyes, I think of that verse, I lift my eyes to the mountains, for I know where my help comes from. (Psalm 121). We look up with wonder, for encouragement, with hope.

We need to be uplifted, encouraged. Life can be a downer, and we can feel tossed about by life’s storms. I think of the disciple Peter who bravely walked on water, only to look down and begin to sink. The lesson is that we look to Jesus, who provides a safe harbour no matter the storm.

I have some uplifting friends. Recently someone called because I had missed an event and she wanted to check and see if I was ok. That meant a lot to me. I am thankful for encouraging friends who remind me of hope, who inspire me to do my best.

And in turn, my desire is to encourage others.

I hope you will be uplifted today, to find beauty along your way, to exchange smiles with those you meet, to know that you are loved as you are.  We can look up to the hills, to the skies, and be reminded that we are not alone.

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